Basement Finishing Ideas for Growing Families

If your family is growing for any reason, whether you are expecting another baby or you have adult children living at home, moving to a larger home may cross your mind. However, you can also consider contacting Guy Solomon to help you finish your basement and create more living space suitable for your expanding family.

Create an Apartment

Whether you have an adult child living at home, a basement apartment offers plenty of privacy and dignity for its tenant. Guy Solomon can create several rooms out of this space, including a bedroom, living space, bathroom, and functional kitchen. Once your adult child moves out on his or her own, you have a few other options. You might choose to rent the space out to a tenant in order to collect rent each month, or you might even choose to keep it as-is for guests.

Add Extra Bedrooms

Another option that is available to you is the choice to add two (or sometimes more) bedrooms in the lower level of your home. It is easy enough to divide a basement into smaller rooms with lumber frames and drywall, and you might even opt to add a bathroom to the lower level for convenience. The rooms may be small depending on the size of your home, but if you want to maximize your home’s potential without worrying about putting it on the market or buying a larger home, it is definitely something to consider.

Design a Nursery

If you are expecting a baby but the upstairs bedrooms are already in use, consider transforming your basement into a beautiful and functional nursery. You can put a bassinet, crib, changing table, dresser, and even a wardrobe in the area to provide convenience, and if you want a place to nap alongside your bundle of joy, a trundle twin is an option that your child will eventually grow into. Do not forget to add a rocking chair and a calming nightlight, and be certain that your baby monitor signal penetrates through the floors. Finally, a bathroom is a phenomenal addition to a downstairs nursery as it provides for easy cleanup and bathing.


A Library/Playroom for Everyone

Finally, if your main concern is the clutter that comes from having a large family, a library and playroom for the entire family can solve that problem. You can divide the basement in half, perhaps with one long wall with an archway in the center. Then, use one side for a library and media room and the other half for a younger kids’ playroom. This way, the toys, books, and game systems causing clutter upstairs can come to the basement, where there is much more room to move around freely. With some drywall, a ceiling, some basic furniture, and some shelves, you can completely transform your otherwise unused space into something functional.

As you can see, there is no reason to put your house up for sale when your family grows. Just contact Guy Solomon with your questions and ideas, and he will make sure to create a safe, comfortable, and livable environment for a child of any age.