Real Estate Broker Pleads Guilty to $ 5.5 million fraud

A real estate broker who sells real estate upscale around South Florida pleaded guilty Wednesday federal fraud charges over 5.5 million.

Christopher White, 44, of Fort Lauderdale, admitted that customers send it to pressure large deposits – it really keep you safe in trust accounts – but used the money to pay his personal expenses, pay off other customers and even criminal defense lawyer salary.

White, owner Chris White Group based in Fort Lauderdale, refused to negotiate about $ 595,000 worth of property deposits for three different clients to buy property in Broward County this year wanted to return.

During a lengthy hearing in federal court Wednesday, White admitted he lied and falsified information when he applied for a $ 4.9 million mortgage to buy a house on Fort Lauderdale beach waterfront hard Iceland in 2006 a property he later lost in foreclosure.

The man born in Jamaica also pleaded guilty to lying when he asked US citizenship in April.

White pleaded guilty to a total of 10 federal charges: A wire fraud affecting a financial institution head; six counts of wire fraud charges; and three counts of false statements on his application for citizenship.

Federal prosecutors Thomas Lanigan and Randy Katz said District Judge William Dimitrouleas they expect a sentence of three years and five months in federal prison recommend. He also faces deportation.

Things started downhill for White in January, when federal authorities questioned him about his own mortgage and they said, he admitted that he had committed mortgage fraud.

White was free because it seemed to work and the FBI and the Office of the US Attorney need more time to complete their investigation, which focused on the detection and analysis of large amounts of documents.

But later, the authorities discovered that white used citizenship in April and checked the “no” box in response to three important questions about whether he ever committed any crime, denying he ever claimed to be a citizen US and alleged never failed to pay child support.

The three answers were lies, prosecutors said. He knew he committed mortgage fraud, he was prosecuted and do not have to pay child support and his license, he falsely claimed to be exposed to a US citizen on multiple mortgage applications and other legal documents, according to his plea agreement.

White was arrested by immigration charges in September and $ 150,000 bail. Previously, he was arrested again this month and without connection to accusations that it has the customer’s money and refused to give it instead.

Prosecutors filed the final charge of fraud to buy his house, connected this week.

In court, White responded to questions from Dimitrouleas with a polite “Yes, your honor,” and “No, your honor.”

He admitted that he tried to push customers in him far more deposits he needed, and he used the money for his own benefit. He also admitted he claims to have millions in the bank and a monthly salary of $ 225,000 when he applied for his own mortgage.

The prosecutor said he falsified records to make it look like he had much more money than him.

White Attorney Neil Taylor, he said, his client thought the plea agreement was very fair. “This is one of the many times the government did a great job to get the right result,” he said.

White will remain locked and is scheduled for sentencing on Jan. 21 in Fort Lauderdale.

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation ordered the emergency suspension of the license of its real estate broker few weeks ago.