Few Things to Consider when Buying a Property in Hyderabad

If you are looking for property in Hyderabad, now is the right time to invest. There might be advisors in Hyderabad who would prompt you to invest in the new projects under development Hi Tech City and areas close by. However these new projects are much costlier than other alternatives that are currently available in Hyderabad. Today, there are a large number of properties under development in Hyderabad. There are many builders who hail from the city and they have pushed the markets by expanding them. No longer are the traditional property hubs the sites for new development. The development of land has started in new areas and Hyderabad is no longer witnessing skewed property development.

Builders have started offering homes across sectors. Now if you seek new properties in Hyderabad Secunderabad region, then one of the best options to go for is Janapriya Arcadia Kowkoor.


What sets Arcadia apart?

Arcadia is a new residential project currently under development by one of the oldest Hyderabad based builders. The Janapriya Engineers Syndicate is an experienced builder based out of Hyderabad city. They currently have numerous projects underway in Hyderabad as well as Secunderabad. These builders are among some of the most experienced builders who have been responsible for commercial as well residential development. Now they have offered a residential project close to Secunderabad station called Arcadia. Arcadia is one of the most unique offerings from the builders. This is a project that promises serenity and peaceful environment. It comes with a landscaped courtyard and RCC Framed Structure. There is also an ATM in the premises along with utility shops.

There are unbelievably eight variants of 2 BHK accommodations that are being offered by the builder. There are also 3 BHK houses. The property prices are also far more economical in comparison with the prices of similar accommodations in many other parts of Hyderabad. The apartments offered by the builders meet the requirements of all end users. The area- for example- of the smallest apartment is 850 sq ft and the largest apartments have a total area exceeding 1400 sq ft. It is interesting to observe that the builders are offering such lavish accommodations at prices which literally are throwaway prices.

Benefits of Janapriya apartments


It is not merely the apartments but also the societal amenities that have made these Janapriya apartments stand out. The builders have offered an amphitheatre in the premises where numerous social functions and gatherings can be organized. There is also a provision for a restaurant within the premises which offers the residents newer and better options for eating out without leaving the housing society. Likewise, the builders have also ensured that there is a health centre installed within the premises to ensure that the residents can monitor their health regularly, and close to their homes. There is an availability of gym, swimming pool, garden etc. to add to the beauty of the project.

The locality –Kowkoor- itself comprises of all modern amenities and is close to the numerous economic hubs of Secunderabad. As a result, it also is an investment opportunity. However the builders believe that the project is so lucrative that people might not want to leave it at all.